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Friends of Twickenham Green

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The Cricket Pavilion on Twickenham Green

The Cricket Pavilion has successfully got through to the final 18 vote to win funding for refurbishment.

The cricket club, rugby club, FOTG and mental health group who use the clubhouse are listed as the 4 user groups.…/village_planning_fund_round_one

Please fill in the survey and vote for 3 projects – the consultation closes on 27 October

Have your say about fly-tipping in Richmond

The Council is expanding and exploring its efforts to tackle fly tipping and to draw together education and enforcement initiatives. It already dedicates significant resources to the issue with enforcement officers cracking down on those who break the law by issuing fines to people caught fly-tipping or pursuing prosecutions against them. It now wants to hear from residents to better understand what you consider to be fly-tipping and the main barriers to disposing your unwanted items.

Take the survey here:

Clean the Green - September 2017

Some of our Volunteers for the bi-annual Twickenham Green clean up operation

Food bank - donations required

 The Food Bank is run by Annie in the Salvation Army Community Cafe in May Road, Twickenham. There are more and more people requiring the help of the Food Bank, if you can help with food donations that would be most appreciated. Please contact Annie direct if you can help: +44 20 8898 1301.

Spring Newsletter 2017

One of our more mature members recently commented that The Green is looking better now than at any time in the thirty odd years that he has lived in this community. Whilst I appreciated his comment, we are only too aware that the fabric of The Green rests with the good work undertaken by Parks, and the input of our own volunteers to support that endeavour. The complement was appreciated, just the same.

After a very dry April, just a little rain in May has restored much of The Green to good health. Parks have undertaken contra seeding (where the seed is embedded beneath the soil), across the whole of The Green, and we can only hope that the seeding is effective over time.

With regard to our trees, a Chestnut and a Lime tree were due to be felled. The Lime was taken down (and clearly rotten when the trunk was exposed). The Chestnut however, earned a reprieve, because a pair of Blue Tits had taken up residence in a hole occupied last year by Nuthatches. The Chestnut was therefore pruned, but left in place temporarily as an avian residence. I find it quite reassuring that in this day and age, we can all take time to consider the well being of a family of birds.

We have been asked by the tree officer to consider a wider diversity of trees in future. Whilst our new London Planes are doing well (and as ever, thanks to our watering volunteers), there is now a problem with this variety of tree in mainland Europe, which might eventually put London Planes here at risk. Parks would prefer us to consider a wider variety of trees to lessen the dangers of tree loss. This would mean losing the uniformity of species around The Green, but give a greater chance of keeping trees in general.

After a very long wait, we now have all the railings freshly painted. It is always a bigger job than many people realise, since it necessitates careful preparation if the paint is to last any length of time. Needless to say, the fresh white paint is now helping to make The Green looks its best.

In May we organised a Twickenham Green Tree Walk with Jane Crowther, the Parks Tree Officer. I think we were finally a party of twenty nine, including both members, and potential members (as I would like to think of them). The walk went very well, and Jane gave an excellent commentary on the state of the trees, their history, the various pests and diseases of which we need to be aware, and even a demonstration of the finer points of conker fighting. The walk went very well, and was enjoyed by all those who came along.

  Arthurs restaurant has finally changed hands. Adrienne and Tony have started a well-earned retirement after over twenty years of catering in the locality. They will be missed, not least by The Friends, who always appreciated the hospitality shown to us at the end of each Spring and Autumn clean-up. The tea and cake always went down well. The new owners, The Mosaic Group, who will keep the Arthurs name, have already shown interest in becoming corporate members of The Friends.

Now the weather is improving, we can look forward to a summer of events on The Green. The Jack and Jill Fair has already take place. Next up is The Hands Fair, followed in due course by our own, Friends of Twickenham Green Fete. Do come along and say ‘Hello’ to us on our stall. Full details of course can be found on our website.

Finally, and with a little sadness, I have to report the loss of three very long serving and active members of our group. Jane Smith, Steve Topol and Ros Poole died recently, and we pass on our condolences to their families.

Going back to the positive comments about the current state of the Green, just serves to remind us, that if it does look good today, it is because of all the effort that members like Jane, Steve and Ros, put in to our precious conservation area.

Howard Roberts, Environment Officer, The Friends of Twickenham Green, 17/05/17

Friends of Twickenham Green, Tree Walk, Thursday 20th April 2017

C:\Users\Howard\Pictures\FOTG Tree Walk 04 17.jpg

On Thursday evening The Friends of Twickenham Green invited local residents to join a tree walk around Twickenham Green, lead by Jane Crowther, Arboricultural Officer, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Jane gave everyone an interesting, and lively presentation, informing us all of the different species, pests and diseases, local wildlife and even a demonstration of conkers. She showed us how we can all help to maintain and appreciate our precious trees.

The Friends of Twickenham Green look forward to continuing to help maintain this precious open space.

Bi Annual Clean up of The Green - Sunday 9th April - showing off our personalised hi-vis jackets

Friends of Twickenham Green and the Food Bank

Our very own Chair - Helen Nicholls and Committee Member - Sandra Roberts take donated food to the local food bank. We wish everyone a very Happy Christmas

Jane Crowther from the London Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames talked at our last Members meeting on the future of our trees. Further information on the work she is doing can be found via this link:

EU Referendum Debate - Tuesday 14 June 2016

The Friends of Twickenham Green hosted a highly successful European Union Referendum debate, at the United Reformed Church, Twickenham Green, on Tuesday 14th June, chaired by Professor Dan Hough, of the University of Sussex.


Speakers to remain were Emma Reynolds MP, and David Harley, Former deputy Secretary General of the European Parliament.  Speaking to leave were David Campbell Bannerman MEP, and Richard Patient, London Chairman of Business for Britain.


After opening speeches from all four participants, there was a lively debate ranging across a wide of issues including the economic consequences of leaving the EU, the impact of immigration, the environmental and social issues involved, and alternative views on the consequences of exit.


A straw poll showed a majority in favour of remaining, and the good natured exchanges were both illuminating and informative for the engaged audience.


Thanks to The United Reformed Church for the use of the church, and thanks again to Dan Hough as the cheerful and highly competent chair.


Howard Roberts 15/06/16

Mayoral Hustings - Tuesday 12 April 2016

The Friends of Twickenham Green hosted a Greater London Assembly Hustings, at the United Reformed Church, First Cross Road, Twickenham, on Tuesday 12th April, (ahead of the 5th May elections).  Chaired by our Professor Dan Hough, there was a lively and informative debate.  Issues of concern to local residents included transport, housing, health and education, with all the candidates pressed to defend their positions.  Local academies, the proposed third runway at Heathrow, pressure on services and local public health were all subject to debate.

From left to right:Professor Dan Hough, University of Sussex, Chair;  Tony Arbour, Conservative; Andree Frieze, Green Party; Alexander Craig, UKIP; Rosina Robson, Lib Dem; Adam Buick, Socialist Party GB; Martin Whelton, Labour.


Annual subscriptions are NOW due! - please refer to the Join Us page where details of where to send subscriptions will be found. Standing order forms are available to download. Membership is £5 per annum


For circulation to all members of neighbourhood watch and local residents.
As your local police community support officer, I would like to update you on recent activities on South Twickenham ward. In the past two weeks two attempted burglary in a dwelling, one burglary in a dwelling and one theft of motor vehicle have occurred mainly in the Strawberry Hill area. The main method of entry for the burglaries were via rear alleyways.
The team is actively trying to reduce crime in the ward.  However, we would suggest that residents take measures to reassess your home security. 
  • To better secure your side and rear boundaries, we would suggest an additional diamond trellis topping which is difficult to climb.
  • If you are going to be away on holiday please take precautions such as leaving lights on or a radio/TV on a timer.
  • Make your house look lived-in.
Please do not hesitate to contact the team if you need any crime prevention advice. Alternatively, for further crime prevention advice please view the link as below;
The purpose of this email is not to alarm you, but to ask you to be vigilant.
In an emergency or if you see anything that requires an immediate Police response, always dial 999.
Thank you. Kind regards, Choon YONG PCSO 7183TW   
South Twickenham Neighbourhood Policing Team
Richmond-Upon-Thames Borough Police
Telephone: 0208 721 2910
Address: Twickenham Police Station, 41 London Road,
Twickenham TW1 4EG                                             



Other local friends groups can be find on South West London Environment Network's (SWLEN) website, link below:




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